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Embracing Sustainability: Eco 4 Guidance for a Greener Tomorrow

Eco 4 guidance offers a detailed overview of the fourth stage of The Energy Company Obligation (ECO), a UK government-funded initiative. Since 2013, ECO has enabled over 3.1 million improvements in home energy efficiency, aiming to reduce fuel poverty. 

The Eco 4 phase seeks to extend these achievements even further. This guidance will cover all aspects of Eco 4, including the scheme’s benefits, eligibility requirements, and the application process, to ensure you have all the necessary information.

What Is the ECO 4 Guidance Scheme?

The ECO4 grant represents the fourth iteration of the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) program. As a component of the Sustainable Warmth Strategy, this grant has been extended for an additional four years, now set to continue until March 2026. 

The main objective of the ECO4 grant is to assist low-income households that face challenges in upgrading their homes and heating systems. This initiative is crucial in empowering vulnerable populations to power their homes efficiently. 

Simultaneously, it contributes significantly to the nation’s objective of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. For detailed information on the administration and benefits of this program, refer to the ECO4 delivery guidance.

Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) Guidance: Delivery

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government-led energy efficiency initiative in Great Britain, overseen by Ofgem. The latest phase, ECO4, started on 27 July 2022 and is scheduled to run until 31 March 2026. The guidance for ECO4 is divided into five key areas:

  1. ECO4 Guidance: Supplier Administration – This section outlines the administrative roles and responsibilities that suppliers must adhere to under ECO4. It includes guidance on compliance, reporting obligations, and the management of the scheme’s requirements.
  2. ECO4 Guidance: Delivery – Aimed at suppliers and the broader supply chain, this part details implementing measures eligible for ECO targets. It covers achieving supplier obligations, eligibility criteria for households and actions, calculating ECO savings, notification of measures, and the required technical and monitoring standards.
  3. ECO4 Guidance: Local Authority Administration – This guidance is designed for local authorities, highlighting their administrative roles within the ECO4 framework. It covers their collaboration with suppliers, local implementation oversight, and reporting processes.
  4. ECO4 Guidance: New Measures and Products – This section introduces new measures and products that are part of ECO4. It provides detailed information on how these new additions can be effectively implemented in energy efficiency projects.
  5. ECO4 Guidance: Draft Interim Delivery – As a provisional guide, this part offers an interim framework for delivering ECO4 measures. It includes draft guidelines and protocols that are in place until the final procedures are established.

What Does The Eco4 Delivery Guidance Address?

The Eco4 Delivery Guidance encompasses the following key areas:

Fulfilling Supplier Obligations

This section of the Eco4 Delivery Guidance outlines the comprehensive process by which suppliers can meet their obligations under the Eco4 scheme. 

It includes detailed protocols for implementing energy efficiency measures, adherence to regulatory requirements, and strategies for effectively managing resources and personnel to ensure compliance with the Eco4 framework.

Household Eligibility Requirements

The guidance specifies the criteria to determine eligible households for the Eco4 program. It delves into the socio-economic factors, energy efficiency needs, and other relevant conditions that define eligibility. 

This section is crucial for suppliers to understand which households qualify for assistance, ensuring that the benefits of the Eco4 scheme are appropriately targeted.

Eligible Measures and Criteria

This part lists and explains the various eligible measures under the Eco4 scheme and the criteria that must be fulfilled for each. It covers a range of energy-saving installations and renovations, detailing the standards and specifications required for each measure to be considered compliant with the Eco4 objectives.

Calculating Eco Savings

This section provides a detailed methodology for calculating the energy savings achieved through Eco4 projects. It includes guidelines on assessing and scoring the energy efficiency improvements of both partial and complete projects, ensuring that the calculated savings are accurate and reflective of the actual benefits delivered.

Notification and Information Requirements for Measures

This aspect of the guidance details the procedure for notifying relevant authorities about the measures implemented and the specific information required for each notification. 

It emphasizes the importance of transparency and accurate reporting in the Eco4 scheme, outlining the necessary documentation and data suppliers must provide.

Technical and Score Monitoring Requirements

The Eco4 Delivery Guidance sets the technical standards, and suppliers must adhere to score monitoring requirements. This includes guidelines on quality assurance, performance monitoring, and regular reporting to ensure the implemented measures are effective and aligned with the Eco4 objectives.

Auditing and Counter-Fraud Processes

This section addresses the auditing and counter-fraud processes that suppliers are subject to under the Eco4 scheme. It outlines the procedures for regular audits, the mechanisms in place to detect and prevent fraud, and the repercussions for non-compliance, ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of the Eco4 program.

Supporting Information in Appendices

The appendices of the Eco4 Delivery Guidance provide additional supporting information, which includes technical specifications, case studies, best practice examples, and supplementary resources.

Each section in the Eco4 Delivery Guidance is crafted to ensure that the Eco4 scheme is delivered effectively, targeting the proper beneficiaries and achieving its intended energy efficiency goals.


The Eco4 Delivery Guidance is an essential roadmap for suppliers and other stakeholders involved in the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. It meticulously outlines the processes, criteria, and standards required to implement and manage the Eco4 program successfully. 

From detailing the methods to fulfill supplier obligations to providing extensive information on household eligibility, eligible measures, and calculation of energy savings, the guidance ensures clarity and compliance. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of transparency and integrity through its sections on notification requirements, technical monitoring, and auditing processes. 

With appendices offering supporting information, this guidance is a comprehensive tool designed to facilitate the effective delivery of the Eco4 scheme, ultimately contributing to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability goals in Great Britain.

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