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Electric Storage Heater Grants - All You Need to Know

f you have old, inefficient or faulty electric storage heaters installed you could be eligible for storage heater funding. At Energy Saving Grants, we offer help for homeowners and private tenants in England, Scotland, and Wales to access funding for heating upgrades and we can help you navigate the various government heating grants that are available. Benefits of electric storage heater grants at a glance:
  • Save money by utilising off-peak electricity
  • Quick installation
  • Adjustable settings
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick warmth
  • Eco-friendly
  • Space-saving design

Storage heaters which are also referred to as night storage heaters, accumulate heat when electricity costs less, such as overnight. This heat is then dispersed slowly throughout the day as required.

If your storage heaters were installed prior to 2018 you may be eligible for a replacement storage heater grant to upgrade to new, high heat retention storage heater model.

Grants to set up a complete central heating system, such as an Air Source Heat Pump, are also on offer if your property is suitable and somebody living in the property meets the eligibility criteria.  

  • Government Grants of up to 100% are available for high heat retention electric storage heaters
  • Quick decision and turnaround
  • Trustmark approved installers
  • Energy-saving funding experts

Figure 2: Photograph of a modern style storage heater – they are a lot more efficient and cheaper to run.

Why consider electric storage heaters? 

Electric storage heaters are a game-changer for improving warmth and energy efficiency, especially in homes where other heating options like gas central heating aren’t available. With storage heater replacement grants, you can transform your home, significantly reducing your heating bills and upgrading your comfort in the process.

To help you better understand why electric storage heaters are such a wise choice for many properties, let’s take a look at the many benefits they have to offer.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings: Electric storage heaters use off-peak electricity and can help to lower your heating bills by making the most of cheaper night-time tariffs.

Carbon Emission Reduction: Electric storage heaters reduce your carbon emissions, helping to make your home more environmentally friendly.

Comfort Improvement:  Modern storage heaters quietly maintain a warm temperature all day, making your home cosier.

Modern Design: With their modern and compact designs, electric storage heaters can easily blend into any room décor, upgrading the look of your space while providing essential warmth.

A Healthier Home: Electric storage heaters do not rely on burning fossil fuels, reducing the risk of poor indoor air quality from combustion-related pollutants. This makes for a healthier indoor environment, particularly beneficial for those with respiratory issues. 

How do electric storage heaters work? 

Electric storage heaters work by absorbing electricity overnight, when the energy cost is at its lowest, and storing this energy as heat in special ceramic or clay bricks. During the day, they release the stored heat gradually to warm your home. 

This process is made efficient through the use of a thermostat and controls that allow you to manage the release of heat, ensuring your space remains at a comfortable temperature throughout the day. This system is particularly beneficial for homes on a dual tariff electricity meter (eg economy 7), which charges less for electricity used at night.

Storage Heater technology has improved a lot since they were first introduced in the 1960s. Since 2018 all new electric storage heaters have thermostats, programmable timers, temperature controls and fans to help disseminate the heat.

They can also be purchased with remote wi-fi controls and open window detectors. High heat retention storage heaters can retain more heat – up to 45% more than traditional models, for up to 24 hours after they were last charged. ​

All of this technology means that modern storage heaters are a lot more efficient than the traditional style of storage heater, are cheaper to run and will mean that you’re less likely to be cold by evening time.

Electric Storage Heater Installation Process

The installation and replacement process for electric storage heaters is straightforward, especially when replacing existing units. For replacements, the existing unit is safely disconnected and removed before the new one is installed. The process involves minimal disruption to the home, and modern units are designed to fit seamlessly into living spaces, often requiring just a connection to the existing electrical circuit.

Do I qualify for an electric storage heater grant? 

If your electric storage heaters were installed before 2018, you could get a storage heater grant to replace them with new, efficient storage heaters. If your property is suitable there is also funding available for renewable energy measures such as solar panel grants which can provide your home with free electricity.

If you already have mains gas central heating in your home we are unable to obtain funding for storage heaters to be installed. The grant for storage heaters is primarily designed for people that already use electric heating such as plug-in electric room heaters or inefficient storage heaters. Unfortunately, we are unable to help people in social housing, so please speak to your housing provider in this instance. 

Our energy grants specialists are waiting to help you…

Energy Saving Grants offer free no-obligation advice on the Government Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme and other Government heating grant schemes. We can also assist with loft insulation and wall insulation grants. Apply now using our online form and an accredited energy saving specialist will contact you to discuss your eligibility. 

  • Free expert advice and application assistance
  • OFGEM backed energy saving grants schemes
  • No obligation
  • Quick and simple application

Applying for electric storage heater grants is as easy as

  1. Eligibility Check: Complete our form to see if you qualify for ECO4 funding or other government heating grants.
  2. Free Assessment: A qualified energy assessor will carry out a no-cost evaluation and tailored advice on enhancing your heating efficiency.
  3. Installation: Trustmark-approved installers will expertly fit your new storage heaters.

Warm Up and Save Money with Electric Storage Heater Grants

Discover how electric storage heaters can cut your heating expenses and make your home cosier and easier to keep warm, all with funding through electric storage heater grants. Energy Saving Grants guide you through the available funding options, helping you by explaining which grants you may qualify for and arranging for your new heaters to be installed. 

FAQ for Electric Storage Heater Grants

A: There are various Government funding schemes available which are designed to help cut carbon dioxide emissions and also reduce fuel poverty in the UK. The heating grant schemes include funding to replace old storage heaters which are inefficient.

A: Generally, homeowners and in some cases private tenants can apply for storage heater grants, depending on the scheme requirements such as household income levels or property characteristics such as the existing type of heating in the property.

A: Savings vary, but efficient, high heat retention electric storage heaters can significantly reduce your energy use, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds on heating each year.

A: Homeowners and private tenants can apply for these grants. Tenants will need their landlords consent before any energy saving measures can be installed in the property.

A: It will depend on the age and efficiency of the existing storage heaters that are in the property. Grants typically fund the installation of storage heaters to replace electric convector heaters; or alternatively the replacement of old storage heaters with new high heat retention storage heaters.

A: Modern heaters are sleek and designed to blend into your home, enhancing its appearance while being highly functional

A: Most homes can benefit, especially those that do not have access to mains gas central heating. A professional assessment will determine the best setup for your property.

A: Start by filling out our simple eligibility form on this page, and our team will guide you through the application process.

A: A Trustmark accredited installer will fit your new heaters, ensuring they’re correctly

A: Besides lower heating bills, they provide consistent warmth, improve air quality by avoiding combustion, and require minimal maintenance.

Check Your Eligibility Using Our Grant Checker

Please ensure that all information provided below is 100% accurate. Any errors in your personal information could delay or prevent you qualifying for a government funded grant 

Please note that you do not necessarily need to be in receipt of tax credits or benefits as we still may be able to obtain funding for you via your Council or through other funding schemes.  

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